7 Ways That I Significantly Reduced My Menstrual Cramps

I used to suffer from HORRIBLE IMMOBILIZING cramps!

Since I began my menstrual cycle at the age of 12, it has not been my best friend. I suffered from such horrific cramps that immobilized me and bleeding that was extremely close to hemorrhaging. Over the past year or so I began to notice a significant change in my shedding, especially the last few months. I decided to share my insights with anyone who may be going through the same things that I went through and are looking for ways to have a better menstrual cycle. (I also have a more in depth video on my youtube channel)

First, learn to love and respect your body. Don’t be ashamed of your “womanness”, your vagina, your period. All of these negative emotions towards your menstrual cycle detach you from loving yourself fully. If you hate your period, your period will hate you. When I came to understand the purpose of my flow each month and how beautiful it is, how powerful my womb is (IT CAN HOLD LIFE FOR GOODNESS SAKE!)…I began to look at my moon in a different light. I call my period my moon for two reasons. 1, it is a term of endearment. My period is not a bad thing. 2, a woman menstrual cycle is supposed to be linked with the moon cycle. Ovulate during the full moon, shed during the new moon. I would suggest reading the book Moon Time by Lucy H. Pearce as well.

Moon Time by Lucy H. Pearce

Second, change your diet. I noticed that when I became vegetarian, my period lightened up. My overall health improved when I became conscious of what I was putting in my body. I’m not saying that you have to completely switch to vegetarian, but at least cut back on the fatty and salty foods.

Third. While on the subject of diet, eat plenty of iron rich foods at least a week before your moon is supposed to come. You release blood so you need to replenish your system with more iron. I would have cravings for burgers before my moon and I knew that it was because I needed iron. Now I eat lots of broccoli, spinach, and other dark leafy greens before my cycle commences.

Fourth, drink LOTS of water! My shed blood used to be extremely dark and clotted when it would come out. I talked to one of my friends who happens to be a licensed chiropractor, and she mentioned that it was probably because there was not enough oxygen in my blood. I started to drink at least a gallon of water a day (or close to it). That made my overall being happy. I was always hydrated and I did notice that my blood during the next cycle was a lot lighter, less clotted, and my cramps were barely there. Increase in water can also help reduce bloating by flushing the extra salt out of your system.

Fifth. Eat less, drink more. The more you eat, the more bloated you will feel. Also, all of that extra food in your large intestine pushes on your uterus, which can increase your “crampage”. I drink lots of tea and water my first two days of my moon (which is usually when I cramp the most).

Sixth, MOVE AROUND! Movement helps reduce cramps! Even if it’s just walking around, get up and move! For me sitting still makes my cramps 10x worse. I usually like to walk or practice yoga, but you can do whatever suites your schedule and lifestyle.

Last but not least…HERBS! Herbs are my best friends. To me they are natures medicine. I usually just make teas with them. I have also set tinctures and used them. I sent my goddess tincture to one of my friends, Diamond (@lovethediosa on Instagram) and she said that it helped her moon cycle as well.

Tinctures that I set

The herbs I use have different medicinal properties to them. I would still tell you to do your own thorough research on each herb before you try it to make sure that it is suitable for you, but here are the ones that I use.

Red Raspberry Leaf: Strengthens uterine wall. Relaxes smooth muscle in uterus. Has vitamins & minerals that detoxify extra hormones. May increase fertility.

Dandelion: May reduce bad estrogen. Boosts immune system. May help women fight endometriosis and shrink fibroids. Contains many vitamins and minerals.

Motherwort: Can help regulate cycle. Strengthens and relaxes uterine muscles. Eases uterine cramping.

Nettle: Lessens uterine bleeding. High iron, calcium, and Vitamin K. Can prevent bloating and cramps. Can regulate menstrual flow. Processes estrogen.

Black Cohosh: Not to be used long term (up to 6 months). Aids in tone and regular function of uterus. Anti-inflammatory. Reduces muscular spasms in smooth and skeletal muscles (muscles in lower back an thighs).

Cramp Bark: Reduces uterine contractions and uterine muscle spasms. Muscle relaxant. Increases circulation to uterus.


Any who, these are the things that worked for me. They may work for some, but they may not work for all. Some women do have medical issues that need to be treated, although I believe that there is a natural cure for everything.

If you do decide to try anything that worked for me, please tell me your stories.


4 Replies to “7 Ways That I Significantly Reduced My Menstrual Cramps”

  1. I can 100% attest to these tips (except the herbs and moving around – I’m a “sleep all day during my moon” kind of girl lol). Switching my diet is what I found to have the MOST impact on me. I haven’t completely committed to a vegan lifestyle yet to I was able to see that if I was eating meat during the days close to my period my cramps would be worse, if I was eating mostly vegan and especially raw I’d have less cramps. Something else that helps is blackstrap molasses either diluted in warm water or in oatmeal. Now, I HATE the taste of molasses BUT when I was having horrible cramps (and this was before I knew diet had such a great impact) molasses were the only thing able to calm my cramps down enough to where I didn’t need a pill (or 3). Last thing and this is the most recent one, switching to a menstrual cup (moon cup) changed my life. Not only is it WAY more comfortable to move around and not have to worry about my cycle (I literally forget I’m on my period when I have it on, I start showering and then I remember “oh shit, forgot to remove the cup” lol) but it actually reduced my cramps significantly since there are no chemicals from pads and tampons and even though it goes “in” the vagina it’s not nearly as invasive as a tampon is, it just sits at the opening of your cervix to catch the menses as they fall. I’m also able to control the amount of menses that come out and measure my flow so I have another variable to note if something’s ever wrong. Will definitely get into more herbs soon. Already building a small collection, waiting for winter to actually methodically test out each one.


  2. This post is beautiful. My diet (vegan) definitely stopped cramps all together. I dont take any pharmaceutical pills/drugs to disrupt my sacred cycle neither. I drink my stress relief yogi tea. I make sure to get plenty of rest and I definitely move around like going for a light jog and yoga. I pay close attention to my thoughts as well so I write in my journal. The Diva Cup saved me from all the pesticide-ridden pads as well! I love my moon time.


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