Who is J. Chavae?

J. Chavae (pronounced “jay shuh-vay”) is her given name, some people also know her as Jaz.

J. Chavae is considered an eclectic creative without limits. A lover above all things, she spreads her truth and her light wherever she goes. This collective space was created to freely share her very existence in a raw form. Living the most natural life that she can possibly live, her hopes are to share her discoveries along her life’s journey to help as many people as she can. Whether it be her words, products she has come across, or just her experiences/epiphanies, this is the ultimate peek into the life of J. Chavae.

Very passionate about wellness, mental health awareness (especially in the Black community), and practices of self love, J. Chavae is committed to keep going. Being an empath, she feels connected to people on a different level than most. This free spirit was told that her purpose on this earth plane is to help and heal the world and that is exactly what she intends to do.

So here is her journey. Her ups, her downs, her lessons. Unfiltered. Unrefined.


  1. Hi J.Chavae
    My name is Sinqobile (meaning “We Conquered”) Nkambule (meaning “followers of the Sun”). I’m from a small country called Swaziland, with few/little/no opportunities. I’m studying in South Africa, BA Graphic Design. Like you, I’ve experienced a lot of pain and hurt. I’ve been trying to pick myself up for as long as I can remember. I’ve always felt different, like I am here for so much more, like I’m here to do right for the wrong that was done, I hope I am making sense. But funny enough I’ve always felt confident in my own skin and my sexuality.
    I’ve been feeling like the Universe is trying to tell me something that am meant to do. I feel this energy everyday, but go about it I don’t know where to start. This energy that something awesome is about to happen in my life and that some changes need to done, but it’s hard when there’s no one around who understands what path you are trying to take, when there’s lack of support (especially in a country where culture, tradition and religion are the go to).
    I started reading on different practices (meditation, using crystals, using sage etc) and I felt an instant connection if I should say. It made more sense to me, it was clearer, but every time I put my head into it school gets in the way. I feel that the corporate world isn’t for me, I can’t conform to this society (it makes me crazy), I am art, with God given talents and I can’t let them go to waste without a good cause coming out of it.
    I do hope to hear from you and keep contact
    Sinqoble “SQ” Nkambule


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